About Us

Al-Fiqh Academy (R) established on 01 August, 1999. Institute of Al-fiqh Correspondence has been set up to conduct correspondent courses for those people who cannot get regular education due to domestic engagements and other preoccupations.

A correspondence course is a form of education known as distance learning. The typical correspondence course involves the exchange of teaching materials between a student and teacher geographically remote from each other. The student obtains a textbook locally, and lesson plans, lecture notes and problem sets are sent by the instructor to the student. The student sends completed assignments back to the instructor for grading, and exams are administered by a proctor local to the student.

Traditionally, a correspondence course could work no faster than the mail system. With improvements in technology, communication has become virtually instantaneous. Lecture notes and problem sets can be distributed by email or posted on a web site. Even textbooks can be distributed in electronic form as PDF files.